Director of Infrastructure - RJ Byrd

Director of Infrastructure

Our client needs a hands-on technical leader to engineer and oversee their cloud infrastructure. The client is a developer of an early-stage e-commerce platform serving customers nationally. They are continually improving the cloud environment and looking to expand on the existing infrastructure for testing and building various applications, improve current functionalities and creating new ones. The Director will create these new capabilities using infrastructure-as-code and ensuring the security and scalability of all production environments.

The Director will be challenged with hiring a talented group of engineers and building to support our aggressively growing customer base. This individual will interact directly with the C-levels on technology decisions, as well as gather input and ideas from the team who will meet the objectives. Communication will be a key characteristic of the Director, all while mastering the art of persuasion by educating others, learning from others, and committing to the goal(s) as a trusted advisor. Other duties include:

  • Build, manage and scale existing and future cloud infrastructure.
  • Create a team of motivated and engaged engineers.
  • Interact with product and engineering teams, ensuring that every aspect of technology aligns with a customer focused, product-driven mindset.
  • Create automated application deployments and test suites, and determine which should be run as part of every deployment versus which run should be ad hoc.
  • Integrate test suites into the strategy for CI/CD following industry best practices and determining relevancy and optimization for current goals and objectives.
  • Act quickly, correct mistakes as necessary and improve the infrastructure and supporting projects in a collaborative environment.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a technical discipline, or equivalent practical experience. 
  • 5+ years of e-commerce or similar industry experience as lead on multiple DevOps, automation, CI/CD, or infrastructure projects.
  • Strong infrastructure development and strategy expertise to recommend various cloud solutions for virtual hosting to serverless applications and which are best in to meet goals and expectations.
  • Possess a proven track record of learning from mistakes and being able to share them in great detail from inception of idea to end solution(s).
  • Expertise with multiple cloud solutions and taking advantage of various managed services enabling the best solution for any given need.
  • Possess production experience with at least two cloud providers, preferably GCP.
  • Understand the need for strong documentation and communication for future architecture maps, whether through a Google doc or an API, that are always updated and available.
  • Prior experience in an Agile environment and you embrace the Agile ceremonies and process and contribute accordingly.  
  • GCP Service experience with BigQuery and the suite of Compute Engine products.
  • Experience with Kubernetes and containers, and Google Apigee expertise is strongly desired.