Beyond Cost: Calculating the ROI of New Hires - RJ Byrd

Beyond Cost: Calculating the ROI of New Hires

Hiring is expensive. But when you compare the cost to the ROI of a great hire, it quickly becomes a bearable, even negligible, expense. And you can further mitigate the expense by hiring well.

According to some estimates, a 15% improvement in performance—as a result of better job placement, a fresh approach promoted by a new employee, or a new skillset infused into a dedicated and cohesive team—can result in a 500% improvement in ROI per new hire.

This concept becomes crystal clear when you put numbers into the equation.

You can calculate the ROI for a new hire at your company with the following equation:

Average revenue per employee x average gross margin and average operating margin per employee (40%) – new hire salary

Using this formula and $500,000 for the average revenue per employee (about midpoint the range represented by large corporations) and $100,000 for the new hire salary we still get a 100% ROI for the first year. And a top-tier candidate will improve that ROI by 30%.

Every year that a top-tier employee stays on, the ROI increases. Reaching a 1000% ROI on well-placed executive within a few years is fairly standard for large, well-established companies.

It’s easy to see the insignificance of a one-time hiring expense for landing a top-tier candidate when you consider the potential ROI of 1000%.

Rather than focusing on reducing the costs of hiring, companies should look towards the ROI. Getting the right person in the right job is worth far more than saving a few thousand dollars during the hiring process.

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