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Career Placement Agency Best Practices

Recruitment can be a complex process for all concerned parties. For companies, getting a candidate who can comprehend the values of the enterprise and work diligently is often hard. When it comes to applicants, they want to find the best possible job that pays well and allows them to hone their skills set.

A common tactic used by businesses looking to hire is to employ third parties to help in recruitment. These designated firms are called career placement agencies. During the process of weighing up and eventually selecting an agency partner, representatives of the company should ensure that career placement ventures are adhering to the following best practices:

Recruitment Guarantee

This is essential. If you are employed by an organization that is looking to partner with a career placement firm, then consider asking them about their guarantee policy before you sign any documentation.

If they lack any such policy, then you may want to reconsider forming a business relationship with them. The presence of one is a sign that the agency is dedicated to providing the best service i.e. choosing the best candidates.

This also ensures that there are contingencies in cases where there is an issue post hiring and the company and candidate do not mix well. A career placement agency worth their salt will always rectify such concerns in an expedited and professional manner.

Industry Specific Knowledge

This is another fundamental and direct point. A career placement agency that operates exclusively in the industry space that pertains to you is imperative. Therefore, it is only logical to choose a partner that understands the needs of your employer.

Specialist recruiters will have a refined and extensive comprehension of determinants that distinguish good candidates from truly great ones. Naturally, this will ensure efficient and expedited results as well.

In-depth Screening Process

Agencies that do not attribute sufficient energy and effort in the pursuit of the best possible candidate are generally considered substandard ones as well. According to statistics, 98% of applicants are eliminated after a cursory glance at their resume while three fourths of those who apply for a position do not even possess the requisite skills to do the job in the first place!

This emphasizes that the most important aspect of the recruitment phase is screening candidates from an expansive pool. The best career placement will work to achieve that and only send the best of the bunch to your company. This saves all stakeholders valuable resources like time, hassle and money as well.

Post Placement Services

The hallmark of a brilliant career placement agency is that they offer after placement services as well. Placing the right candidate in a well suited role is not the end of the journey. Instead, these agencies work to ensure that their clients are content with their new employees and get follow ups regularly. This streamlines the on boarding process and helps in the identification of gaps too.

If you are searching for an agency that follows the aforementioned tips, contact RJ Byrd as soon as possible.