Describing Yourself in the Interview - RJ Byrd

Describing Yourself in the Interview

When it comes to the job interview, you are obviously going to be asked to describe yourself i.e. what kind of person are you? Which words best describe your personality? Etc. It’s always a good idea to come prepared with an arsenal of adjectives that can describe yourself in the best light possible while also letting the interviewer know you’re not like everybody else. The best strategy is to think of action verbs and then turn them into adjectives. Don’t forget to study and memorize them! Below are a few examples to help get you thinking.

Communicative: Being able to communicate properly and effectively is a highly sought after trait in the workplace. It means you are a people person who can connect with both coworkers and clients in a clear and professional way. You not only understand the task at hand, but you also know how to make others understand what needs to be done.

Meticulous: A meticulous person does not only pay attention to detail, but is also precise, organized, and prioritized. You are not the kind of person that is going to let errors slip through the cracks. You take on every project with thoroughness and planning, and you can be trusted to see any job through.

Impactful: This is where you are allowed to really show off. Tell the interviewer what kind of difference you made at your last job. What did you accomplish? Did you receive any awards? Let them know that when you come on the job things get done. Not only do you make promises, but you get results. You are the x-factor.

Flexible: Being flexible is crucial to an employer. If you’re able to think outside of the box and adapt to any challenge thrown at you, you will be a pivotal employee. You’re willing to do things outside of your job description and aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone.