Don’t Lose Heart During Your Job Search - RJ Byrd

Don’t Lose Heart During Your Job Search

No matter what your situation, searching for a new job can become tiring within even the first few days. Maybe there aren’t many local opportunities for your skillset, or maybe they’re looking for people with more experience or skillsets that you haven’t had the opportunity to learn. Either way, the search can be even more frustrating when you need a new position quickly.

You may find yourself spending whole weekends to sending out resumes, or perhaps you find yourself fervently checking job boards every few hours. You know this repetitive behavior isn’t helping your mindset, but you’re afraid of missing your opportunity if you send in a resume too late. But it is possible to keep your sanity and optimism throughout the job search, even if it takes months. Here are a few ways to keep your perspective where it should be when you feel like it’s hopeless.

1. Keep your timeline realistic

Depending on your field and expertise, it could take months to find the right job. While this will probably seem like an eternity, it’s important to wait out the situation if you have time to spare. New jobs can be exciting, but if you’re trying to get out of a bad situation and rush yourself, you may be stepping into yet another bad situation that you’ll regret in a few months. If possible, wait things out as long as possible until you find a position you’re sure you’ll love.

2. Keep track of your actions

One of the best things you can do is document your process. You should always write down who you sent your resume to and when, and then take notes of the outcomes of your interviews and phone calls. By doing this, you’ve placed all the necessary information in one place that you can come back to while you go about your other tasks.

The goal is to help prevent you from obsessing about your search and letting it impede on every other area of your life. We know it’s going to feel like forever no matter what, but hopefully this will help you to compartmentalize it a bit.

3. Most Importantly – Be Patient

We know that this is a painfully obvious response and that it’s far easier said than done, but it’s absolutely necessary throughout the entirety of your job search. Not only are there no set timeframes for how long it should take, but there may be numerous reasons why you’re not hearing back that have nothing to do with you – remember, you’re dealing with humans on the other side of this process as well that have things coming up in their own jobs and lives that may stall the process.

If you haven’t already done so, consider contacting a staffing agency. Odds are there is one that specializes in helping talent in your field, and they often have inside connections along with a personalized experience that can help you find the right job faster. RJ Byrd has over 20 years of experience connecting talent and employers in the Dallas area, so feel free to contact us today!