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Making the Most of Your Career Search: Refreshing Your Resume

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new position or not, it is always good to take a moment and give your resume a little refreshing.  Realistically, it can even be a bit motivating to stop and consider all that you do and all that you’ve accomplished throughout the course of your career.


As you begin to write or revise your resume, there are a few key things to consider.  Ask yourself, what responsibilities do I have in my job that people wouldn’t consider based on the title?  Every minute detail of your day to day work routine doesn’t need to be included, focus on accentuating the tasks that are in line with what you want to do.  If you’re feeling a little stumped, don’t stress over the content, just write what comes to mind and edit afterward. 


Embellishing your resume and exaggerating your responsibilities can only lead to embarrassment and frustration during an interview or when you begin a job.  However, be confident and proud in what you’ve accomplished.  This is the time to really list all that you’ve achieved that could benefit your potential employer in the role you’re seeking.  If you’re seeking a specific position, customize your job description to line up with the listed qualities the employer is seeking.   If there are key points you want to stand out, make them bullet points high on the resume.  If you have additional training and education in the industry, make sure that is noted.  You can mention this in your cover letter which we’ll discuss in our next article. 


Customizing your resume can even apply to the language you use.  Stating elements in a different way can help express what a perfect candidate you are.  For example, if you’re applying for accounting jobs, instead of saying “professional” use the term accountant, CPA, or the specific title you’re seeking.  Another way to include value adding statements is instead of saying “results-driven,” you can list your results and achievements. 


Today, most companies have a website that explains themselves in a manner that leads you to understand their company culture.  Take some time to edit your language to mesh with the culture of the company.


Once you’ve put together a resume that truly represents you as a candidate, seek a friend or a recruiter to help you edit through the editing process.  An outside perspective can always sharpen and polish the resume just enough to step it up to the next level.  


Once you have that resume polished and ready to go, take a look at the Current Positions RJ Byrd has on their website and contact us for the next step toward your advancement opportunity.