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Most In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2020

As the technology sector continues to expand at a blistering pace, more jobs are going to continue to arise to meet the need. If you’re considering a new career path, here are some of the jobs we expect to be the most in-demand for the coming year.

  • App developer
    This is not likely to shock anyone, but it’s still important to note that this field of expertise is not slowing down in demand. As mobile technologies and web-based applications continue to come into their own, there will be a continued increase for the number of app developers available.

  • Database administrators
    As the fields of web-based applications and AI continue to grow, companies will need the expertise of database administrators to keep things running smoothly. You’ll play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth platform for both your fellow developers and the customers.

  • Cloud engineers
    Web-based applications require a smooth cloud platform, and the uptick in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models mean that cloud engineering jobs are a safe bet. SaaS brings powerful applications to even the most basic computers and functions, so there are plenty of opportunities for growth in this field.

  • Business intelligence analyst
    One of the most important aspects of any software business is gaining and understanding of where they are at when it comes to the competition. A good business intelligence analyst will quickly become invaluable to a company, ensuring a stable job once you enter the market.

  • Security analyst
    With the growing awareness of security issues as our world becomes more connected, the need for security analysts has never been higher. As hackers and bad actors gain more powerful tools at their disposal (such as AI), companies will happily hire cybersecurity professionals that are able to keep them two steps ahead against possible attacks.

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