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Networking for Net Worth | RJ Byrd

You may be reading this because you’re searching for a job, or considering finding out what may be ‘out there’ in your career field.  Perhaps you’re just skimming through on your coffee break and don’t have a substantial interest in a job search.  Regardless, you can take the information from this blog and use it to strengthen your arsenal for your current or future career search with one unassuming tool…networking.  It’s a concept that some groups in today’s workforce have a general concept of but have never truly utilized or grasped the value of.

Networking is not only about connecting with peers in other industries to ‘get leads’ and drive business, even though those can be fruits of your networking efforts.  Networking is about so much more.  The phrase ‘increase your network to increase your net worth’ applies not only in business generated, but professional relationships developed.

Concerning career advancement, networking can be your strongest asset.  As you develop your network, you build connections that can create referrals and opportunities.  Your professional relationships can lead to training opportunities, speaking engagements, writing opportunities, etc. These opportunities refine your skills and build your resume in a way that catches the attention of a hiring manager.

When you’re in a networking group, you are exposed to professionals who quite frequently are at a level of influence in their industry that wouldn’t grant you the opportunity to meet them if you were a mid-level employee.  By networking, you can catch the attention and interest of either headhunters connected to the group or hiring managers and get your foot in the door in a way the average job seeker cannot.

Even with networking, often times, having a team of professionals helping in your career search and placement can make a tremendous difference in reaching your goals.  Contact us at RJ Byrd for help in navigating your career path.