React Developer - RJ Byrd

React Developer

RJ Byrd has been engaged to locate a Lead Front End Developer for a client in the software automation industry. This position will be challenged with defining needs/requirements with both end users and the development teams, as well as senior management.

This role will be in a fast paced, early-stage environment, and working with REST APIs, NodeJS, and DynamoDB. This position will be building UIs for an AWS Cloud application, which involves collaborating with development, architecture and design teams to ensure the users’ experience is logical and visually well pleasing. Additionally, the position will be building and implementing new features and functionality, as well as enhancing existing capabilities.

This client is working 100% remotely.


  • Possess the maturity and ability to work autonomously with very little oversight, and collaborate with a small team of 5 technologists
  • Illustrate documented, proven capabilities to work successfully in a remote environment
  • Strong communication skills to present technical progress to executives
  • 2+ years experience building cloud applications in AWS, specifically with Amplify
  • 3+ years experience building applications with React.js, including the ability to use React UI Libraries to build interfaces from scratch
  • Strong design and graphics skills in HTML and CSS
  • Experience with Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Single Page Applications (SPA)


$150K +/-