Succeeding in the Tech Industry - RJ Byrd

Succeeding in the Tech Industry

Technology is an exciting industry to work in. It can be fast paced, cutting edge, and challenging in the best way. But like any field, it takes certain skills, traits, and a good attitude to really succeed in tech. If you’re considering a move into the technology sector, or if you want to revamp your approach to your career, make note of these qualities that work well in high tech.


A lot of people in tech would characterize their job as “problem solver.” Every day—sometimes multiple times a day—you’re presented with new challenges to solve and sometimes the answers are weeks or months away. You need to be able to stick with a challenge until the natural conclusion, even when your path leads you down one rabbit hole after another.

A Zen-Like Sense of Calm

Each challenge you’re presented with comes with a colleague, boss, or client who wants a solution yesterday. There is often tremendous pressure to work quickly—but accurately—on every issue that comes across your desk. People who are happiest in the tech world can stay calm and take the time they need even in the face of pressure from multiple sources to finish a project quickly.


Aside from colleagues, when you work in technology you know a lot more about your industry than just about anyone who uses technology. Even though everyone uses technology all day, every day. This near complete lack of comprehension from company management, clients, and end-users can be frustrating. Anyone with a long career in tech knows that you benefit from a patient nature.


A Love of Learning

Few industries change as frequently as technology. There are always advancements, upgrades, and products to keep pace with—you’ll be learning something new all of the time. Sometimes the information will land in your lap and you’ll need to get familiar with it quickly; other times you’ll need to seek it out with nothing more than a sense that something new is coming. Either way, prepare yourself to be a lifelong student.

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