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The Best Career Options for People with a Finance Degree

All finance majors develops some analytical skills that are needed to analyze the financial standing of a business or to dissect financial documents. They need to evaluate both the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of a business to effectively deduce the financial implications of the company’s actions.

Other skills that finance graduates need to master are spreadsheets and software that can help them process financial data in a more sophisticated and organized manner. They need to present the financial data in this manner to the clients as well to increase understanding and readability.

Every industry requires a solid financial department to handle their accounts in an organized manner, so there is a lot of demand for people with financial degrees. The best career paths for such graduates are listed below.

Financial Planners

Clients always need some expert to handle their finances and use a variety of investment vehicles to expand their wealth. Using the trends in the securities markets and market behavior, finance majors can help clients plan their finances in the best way possible.

Finance planners usually need to use principles of accounting and data to devise plans for the clients for investment. This takes strong interpersonal skills as well as a thorough understanding of the market.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts need to take care of the research portion for businesses. They look into bonds, rivals, stocks, industries, investors, acquisitions, bonds, restructuring, etc. They also dissect the financial data for the company to analyze the best course of action for them. They are also in charge of building the financial modes for companies, as well as conduct quantitative analyses. This is a huge chunk of work, but it utilizes the degree in an effective way.

Budget Analysts

You need to use the principles of finance to analyze the projects and proposals of the client. Budget analysts can work in government, NGO, business, and education sectors. They evaluate the ventures started by the institution and evaluate whether it is an effective use of money.

This job needs some interpersonal skills since you will have to interact with managers to check on proposals. You may also need to conduct training and engage with the staff on the effective use of the budget.

Investor Relations Associates

The main skills required for this position are writing, communication and organizational skills. You may need to prepare and present the financial data to the clients, investors, media or analysts as well.

This job requires you to interpret, highlight, dissect and present the financial information from documents. Some software and analytical tools also need to be applied to enhance this process.


Lawyers who handle cases like labor, securities, product liability, divorces, etc may also need someone who has financial knowledge. An attorney may need to analyze and highlight the irregularities in the financial documents. They may also need to devise a financial plan to divide assets or compromise on a settlement. This job requires presentation skills and argumentative skills to excel in this job.

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