What to Avoid During an Interview - RJ Byrd

What to Avoid During an Interview

So you’re finally starting to land interviews, but you may have felt like you’re struggling during the actual interview process. Even if you feel like you’ve been coming prepared, you may be committing some common mistakes that you may not be aware of. We’ve compiled a list of interview “faux pas” that you’ll want to avoid moving forward.

  1. Don’t embellish your resume
    While it’s important to speak confidently about your experience, embellishing or lying about your achievements or abilities will quickly be revealed – employers will do their research and make sure to follow up with previous employers to ensure that what you say about yourself is accurate. Employers would rather you tell the truth – trust is the most important thing.

  2. Answer the question that was asked
    It’s important to ensure that you are answering the question directly instead of walking around it. Be clear and concise – you may think that you’re answering the question well, but if you take too long or seem like you’re giving them the work around, they may think that you’re either unable to answer the question or unwilling.

  3. Be honest about your weakness
    Once again, employers value honesty – it’s important to be aware of your weaknesses. Employers need someone who is aware of their blind spots and is willing to work towards bettering themselves as they go forward. People who don’t consider their weaknesses are generally not interested in self-improvement.

Practice before you start going into interviews. Think about what the employers may likely ask for the position and work on presenting them in a clear manner that answers their questions honestly and directly. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be sure to do great, and you’ll continue to get better and more confident the more you do it!