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4 Advantages of Hiring a Recruitment Agency

The recruitment process might look easy and simple but it’s actually a much rigorous one. Apart from the unlimited job applications to go through, the process can also out a dent on a company’s finances. Phone and electricity bills are only two of the various expenses associated with in-house recruitment. The human resources department also spends hours contacting and shortlisting applicants, whereas they could utilize the same developing employee engagement strategies. Apart from this, posting job advertisements also doesn’t come free and companies have to pay websites to get their job posts boosted in search results.

However, today, many companies are outsourcing the recruitment process to agencies who execute the entire employment process, right from posting job vacancies to shortlisting applications and then setting up interviews. This facility reduces a great burden off of the HR department and also eases off several unnecessary expenses. Below are a few major advantages of hiring recruitment companies for talent acquisition:

1. The Screening Process

Talent acquisition firms take care of the entire screening process. These agencies are responsible for posting job advertisements, entertaining applicant queries, short listing candidates for tests or interviews and conducting the same. Also, the applicants shortlisted by recruitment agencies would be the ones who fulfill the job criteria and skills sets.

Most agencies also conduct preliminary stage interviews to further narrow down the candidate pool and pass on the most suitable profiles. Another benefit of getting the screening process done through an outsourced agency is that they conduct intensive background checks to ensure that only reliable job aspirants proceed forward.

2. Better Quality Candidates

Recruitment agencies work hard to build their reputation and only provide the best candidates for each job posted. This concern of the firm increases the chances of only having the best applicants reach the final stages of the hiring process. Also, these agencies maintain and keep updating a vast resume pool that has profiles of every individual from each field. So, if an engineering firm wants to hire a plant manager, a recruitment agency would be able to deliver 3 to 4 profiles readily.

3. More Options

Since the major part of the recruitment process is taken care of by the agency, companies can spend more time narrowing down to the perfect applicant for the job. Recruitment agencies also provide a bunch of potential candidates for the company to interview. This gives firms more options to choose from.

4. Saves Time and Hassle

Recruitment is a lengthy process. Each day interviewing a new group of candidates can be a stressful job for the few assigned members of the HR team. This most of the times results in hiring incompetent employees as the interviewers might overlook certain facts. But recruitment agencies save both the extra time and effort put into talent acquisition by doing all the related tasks themselves.

Given the above advantages, it’s recommended for all companies, especially large firms and startups to seek the services of a reputed recruitment agency.