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5 Misconceptions about Job Recruiters

Everyone looks for the right job that pays well and also meets their interest.

This is however a perfect fantasy that all of us like to believe, while in reality finding the right job is an excruciating process. Given the long procedures many job seekers decide to go through a recruitment agency to get a job.

Even though the concept of recruitment agencies has been there since a long time but there are still many misconceptions about their work.
Some of these common myths about recruiters are discussed below:

1. Career Counseling is Also Their Job

It is wrongly believed that recruiters are responsible to guide you about the most suitable job for you.

People expect them to analyze their resume and then immediately gauge where they would best fit in. However, career counseling is never a part of a recruiter’s job description and they won’t be able to do much good if you are not clear about your professional priorities.

For example, it is wrong to meet a recruiter and then expect them to run through your resume and find jobs for you. All a recruiter can do is help you shortlist jobs from a list that you have, according to your skills and interests that of course you need to tell them in advance.

2. They Work for Job Seekers

Another common misconception about recruitment agencies is that they are believed to be hired by job seekers. But in reality recruiters work for an employer who pays them to help with their company’s staffing.

All a recruiter can do is guide you on how you can do better in your interviews but never guarantee you landing a job for sure.

3. They Are All the Same

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that there are many types of recruiters in the market. These different recruiters can be classified into two broader categories namely, external and internal recruiters.

External recruiters are commonly known as headhunters or search consultants. Basically whenever the word recruitment agency is used it is referring to an external recruiter whereas, internal recruiters are the ones working at the firm like the human resources department of any company.

4. They Come Looking For You

It is also thought that recruiters are supposed to come to a job seeker with the perfect job out of the blue. However this is again a wrong belief, as they probably don’t have your resume in their record and even if they do them don’t reach out to candidates until they are approached by the job seeker for employment assistance.

5. They Will Get You The Job

It is also widely believed that a recruiter has the final call in the recruitment process or at least some influence on it. However, the primary job of a recruiter is searching and providing suitable candidates to the company for a particular position and nothing more than that.

In some case, organizations could allow some input from their side when making a decision.