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Making the Most of Your Career Search: Covering Your Letter

If you ever questioned the value and importance of a cover letter, we hope today is the day that comes to an end.  Cover letters can be your secret weapon in capturing the hiring manager’s attention.  Resumes are a great list of accomplishments and capabilities, but cover letters offer so much more and can truly make you stand out in the hiring process.

The ability to communicate clearly is a key in most industries.  A cover letter gives you the opportunity to create a brief narrative that not only highlights the strengths and accomplishments you bring as a candidate, but also your writing ability.  You can use your cover letter to emphasize what unique skills you possess and why the company needs them. 

Are you unsure if your resume communicates what a perfect fit you are for the position you’re seeking?  A cover letter provides the perfect opportunity to explain why your experience and skill set makes you the ideal prospect for the position.  If necessary, this is also where you can explain gaps in your work history.

Be sure to make your cover letter unique to who you are and specific to the job you’re seeking.  Here is a brief outline that will keep your cover letter structured and effective:

·        Introduce yourself

o   Review job description prior to writing and explain how you line up with the requirements.

·        Format

o   Try to avoid using a generic template, remember this is your moment to personalize your communication.

o   Do write your cover letter in business letter format and address it to the hiring manager.

o   Keep your letter to one page in length, using 3-4 paragraphs with size 10-12 standard fonts.

·        Highlight your skill set

o   Do not repeat what is already in your resume.

·        End on a positive note and set the stage for follow up.

o     Tell them in the cover letter the date when you’ll be following up on your submission.

Most of all, relax!  When you’re consistently being open and honest about your skills and your desire to work for a company, the right match will rise to the surface.  There will be an employer who looks at your cover letter and realizes that you are potentially the exact candidate they’ve been hoping to find.

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