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Most In-Demand Tech Jobs Outlook for 2019

Technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in every aspect of our lives as we move forward into 2019. With technology advancing increasingly every day, the number of opportunities in this niche sector has also started to skyrocket. Top companies are looking to gobble up all the best IT professionals out there to fulfill important roles for them, going into the future. We are going to take a look at some of the most sought-after and in-demand tech jobs for 2019.

Cloud Architect

15 years ago, the post of cloud architect did not even exist in the corporate world. Currently, it is one of the most important in-demand tech jobs in the market. A cloud architect’s role is to oversee the cloud computing strategy for a company. They are the ones who take responsibility for managing, deploying and supporting a company’s cloud-based applications. They need to have a strong understanding of several kinds of operating systems. Additionally, they have to have a command on security skills, programming and networking.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Possibly the most significant tech job position, a business intelligence analyst needs to have experience with reporting tools, analytics and of course, database technology. When companies are looking for candidates to hire so that they can fill this position, there are a few things that they look out for. The candidate should preferably have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Beyond the basic requirement, they need to have the necessary skills to understand an organization, its diverse data needs and communicate effectively with stakeholders of the company in layman’s terms. With the increasing importance of the role that big data plays in the business world, this role will only increase with significance and have a great positive outlook in 2019.

Data Scientist

A business intelligence analyst has the responsibility of helping stakeholders in the company understand the patterns of the data from a business point of view. On the other hand, a data analyst’s job is to help collect, process and understand the data being collected. Companies that are looking for data scientists have a few qualities they require from the person that can fulfill the responsibilities. Data scientists must have a master’s or a PhD degree. They also need to have strong analytical skills, a sound knowledge of programming languages and exceptional mathematical skills.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the most in-demand tech jobs that present amazing opportunities for technology specialists in 2019. If you are a company looking to hire someone to fulfill any of these roles or if you’re a professional that is capable of taking on these jobs, RJ Byrd is the perfect placement firm for you. We specialize in career placement for jobs related to finance and accounting and for information technology industry related jobs.

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