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What to avoid on a resume

Even if you have had multiple professional jobs and posses a great set of skills for your line of work, writing a professional resume can still be difficult. It may seem straightforward, but there are common but outdated tactics and ideas that many people still often use. Here are some things that you should start removing from your resume moving forward.

High school education

This may seem obvious to some, but it is a common occurrence for people to include their high school education on their resume by instinct. But the reality is that if you have a college degree on your resume, it is implied that you graduated high school.

Soft skills in your skills section

Your resume should be largely focused on your hard skills that employers are looking for. As important as soft skills are in the workplace, they are qualities that are generally shown through your actions. If possible, work them into your “work experience” section through examples that highlight these qualities in how you interact with others.

A career objective

While providing your ultimate career goals to your employer seems like a great way to prove your ambition, there is a good chance that you could be hurting yourself by doing so. Career objectives are more focused on your needs than the employer’s, and if they believe that your objectives clash with their needs they are more likely to pass for someone who they believe will be a better fit – even if you’re more qualified.

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